Web & IT Solutions, Bournemouth

Here at 4us4u, we are dedicated to providing the best in IT Support and Technologies, whether it's online or offline or it's using Windows or Linux systems to gain the desired result for your business, we have it covered. We have been in the computer and servers industry for little over 10 years and have gained vast knowledge and understanding of a number of the core elements vital to your success on the World Wide Web.

Our staff can advise or assist you with the following areas of expertise:
- Web Based Management
- E-commerce Intergration
- Website Design
- HTML/XHTML & PHP Programming
- Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla and other Content Management Systems
- MySQL Databases
- Search Engine Optimisation
- Network Infrastructure
- Web Hosting on Windows and Linux Servers
- FTP Setup and Transfers
- E-mail Registration and Hosting with Outlook or your own on-line platform.

This website is fully standards-compliant using W3C Schools of code, adhering to coding practices in relation to the use of HTML or XHTML, with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to define the layout, colours, and fonts of the web page. The Web Standards Project (WaSP) are composed of experienced web developers, whose mission is to encourage the use of these standards globally.

The 4us4u Network comprises of four servers to ensure that no website hosted here fails to reach its client. The servers boast 4 x 3.3GHz CPUs each with 16GB RAM. Each server is running on a CentOS 6.4 (64-bit) OS, and each module has a 15TB Bandwidth and the ability to provide unlimited storage with 1000GB Drives (RAID1).

Website design Consultancy

Using these 4us4u Linux servers, we host and maintain a variety of other websites with an overall uptime of 99.99% in 10 years making us extremely reliable as well as affordable. You may browse a portfolio of some of the websites hosted here by clicking on "Projects and Client Websites" at the top of this page.

As a design agency we will help you with custom coding, graphics and hosting all in house. You will receive one-to-one support, a dedicated account manager and access to all our hidden support services only available to members of the network. This includes unlimited server storage, unlimited ftp accounts, unlimited email addresses and more.
Get in touch if you require any of these personal services, otherwise, use our partner hosting or domain registration at